Friday, September 30, 2011

People Love to See What People Do

This lyric popped into my head today. From the musical Ragtime, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. The character singing it is a filmmaker and I've always loved it because I think it may be the simplest, truest explanation for why we read stories and watch films. Yes. People love to see what people do.

life shines from the shadow screen
comical yet infinitely true.
people love to see what people do,
here where everyone is someone new.


  1. I love Ragtime! And these lyrics ring true, girlfriend. I love to see what people do. I'm a people watcher. I guess all writers are.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Ragtime is a great show, with some very powerful music.

    I confess..I love to see what people do.

    And hear what they say.

  3. Yes! Definitely! We are observers by nature and curious. Nice quote.