Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attached to Books

I think my posts have been getting a little too long on the blog. I am constantly trying to edit myself but, sometimes, I just run away with words...

Today I'll be brief. I promise.

I've been thinking about physical attachments to books. I may have mentioned once or one million times that I live in a small apartment. There is simply not enough room to keep a massive library (though I dream of one...like in Beauty and the Beast, where the ladders fly across the shelves and I can sing as I browse.)

I came to the conclusion that I would not have a problem donating almost all of the books in my library.

As I have come to know a few authors recently, I have several books that are signed specifically to me and I would most certainly keep those.

But other than that, I only have a few select books that I feel the need to have in my home. I'm not a re-reader. I just like the idea that those books are near me.

So tell me. Do you have a physical attachment to books? Are there books you need to carry with you always? Are there books you need to have in close proximity so that you can read them again or do you simply need to know they are there?

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  1. I have a very hard time giving up my books once I buy them. I think I could get rid of most of my books, though. I would have to keep the ones that have meant the most to me and those would be hard choices.

  2. I have a physical attachment to them. I can't give them up. I won't! Always a problem when going back and forth from uni.

  3. I also want a beauty and the Beast library :) I only buy hardbacks and I never get rid of them (good thing I like in a big house :) I hate the idea of a Kindle--unless I can hold it in my hands and smell it, it's not a real book.

  4. Hi Melissa! Oh how I love books - physical, all around me books. I love all kinds from classics to children's to obscure. And even though I don't re-read many books, I love to go back and savor favorite phrases, scenes, etc.
    I laughed when you talked about the Beauty & The Beast library - that's exactly what I would like to do - ride a ladder and sing in a glorious library!

    I had a great time reading about you in your ABOUT ME tab. The account of the first story you wrote as a child was fantastic - I loved how it turned out! And what you said about the stories you still like to tell is fascinating.

  5. I have a handful of books (signed, special gifts, etc) that I couldn't part with, but I buy a lot of books at library sales, read them, then donate them back. I actually need to go through soon and clean out my shelf because it's at capacity.

  6. I used to want to own EVERY book I've ever read. I got over that after a few moves and deciding I'd rather be a minimalist. So I've started reading every book I own but HAVEN'T read and go from there. There are a lot of books I re-read every year or so, and I have autographed copies I want to keep. I'm trying really hard to think about people I know after I finish a book, and then send my copy to them! So I get to spread the word about a book, but don't get bogged down by the physical copy.

  7. I am with Allison. Giving the book away is really a gift to regift. I have a few books I have kept because the writing is so exquisite. When I feel like I am getting all stodgy, I reread some pages of one of the books.

  8. I love my books. Sometimes I find myself staring at them on my bookshelf. How nice and shiny they all are. I sort of have a book buying problem, so I have plenty of hardcovers just staring back at me. ;) I love my books. It would be really really hard to give the up if I had to.

  9. I used to have an attachment, but not so much any longer. I'll always keep my signed additions, too.