Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ten Things About Me & Winner of the Beth Kephart Giveaway

First I'd like to announce the winner of my Beth Kephart giveaway (I calculated the results through

Wendy @ carbibousmom

Please e-mail me at: thistooblog (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize. I feel very strongly about sharing these books and I hope you love them as I much as I do.

Susan Kane at thecontemplativecat tagged me in this post. She is such a great storyteller and I hope you will follow her blog. She challenged me to share ten things about myself. Since there are some new followers here I thought it might be fun. So here goes...

1. I really, really love to wear dresses. I get sad when the winter comes and all of my dresses get stored away.

2. I have a strange obsession with Julie Andrews. When I was sixteen years old, in a wonderfully embarrassing moment, my friend Leah and I created a life-size cardboard cut-out of her and stood outside of The Today Show with the hopes that this kind of crazy would allow us to meet her after her interview. Katie Couric did find us in the crowd (my goodness, how could she not?) and we had a relatively long chat. She promised she would try her hardest to help us meet Julie. In the end, it did not happen.

3. I have never met a cheese I didn't like.

4. I have the illogical belief that I can walk any distance. I'm pretty sure I could walk across the country and not get tired.

5. For a long time I was afraid to talk to people I didn't know. I have conquered that fear and now I have a tendency to babble to innocent strangers because of all those years without practice.

6. I love, love, love trees. I think they are so beautiful.

7. When I was a little girl, I lived next door to a woman who did science experiments on turtles. One summer all of her turtles got loose around the neighborhood and it became the summer of many strange turtle incidents. I firmly believe that this summer made me into the odd person I am today.

8. I used to send all of my letters without stamps when I was a kid. I would just switch the return addresses so that the letters would be 'returned' to them.

9. Outsmarting the US postal service was as rebellious as things got in my life. I received detention once in high school for cutting the first and only class I ever cut. When I walked into the detention room, the Vice Principal laughed at me and told me to go home.

10. Even though I love the outdoors more than the indoors, I have never been camping because I do not like bugs or sleeping anywhere but in my own bed.

Guess what? You're all tagged. Just go for it, my friends.


  1. LOL at #8 - my dad worked for the post office, so I couldn't get away with that; he inspected every single piece of mail I wanted to send

  2. I love it when people share little tidbits of themselves. :)

    No. 8 made me laugh out loud... and No. 3 confirmed why we are friends.

    No 10 is the reason we have a's like camping except you have a bed, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, toilet, and shower. We do rough it, no cable tv. :o

  3. Thanks for sharing about yourself - and DOUBLY thanks for picking my name as the winner of Beth's books! YAY!!!! Emailing you now!!!

  4. Melissa, your answers here are as priceless as you are. And Wendy — well. I can hardly think of a better winner. I love when sturdy bridges are built.

  5. The stamp thing is brilliant! BRILLIANT! I also love trees. A world without trees would truly be hell on earth. Great answers :)

  6. Your facts are very unusual and memorable. I think the one about the turtles would make the greatest children's book ever.

  7. Um...#3 and #9...a whole lot of YES!

  8. Hi fellow campaigner! I love your blog. And your facts were fun to read too!

  9. Ha ha! I figured out that return address thing, too. I just never got up the nerve to try it.

    You should TOTALLY write a Middle Grade book about turtles getting loose in the neighborhood! It could win a Newbery award!

    And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes cheese, though I've met a few I don't like. Not hate, just don't enjoy. :D

  10. Those were AWESOME.

    LOVE cheese. LOVE trees. LOVE dresses.

    Also - on the high school front - I used to skip school, but was known as one of the good kids, so I'd wave at the principal on my way out, and he'd wave back.

  11. I've only disliked a few cheeses.

    I adore trees.

    I've never been camping either.

    It was fun reading this, Melissa. :)

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  13. Julie Andrews = awesome. I have loved her ever since I was a little girl and was given a copy of her book MANDY. :)

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