Monday, October 3, 2011

A Frolic, A Wedding and, Oh Right, the HAIR...

My dear friend Krista got married this weekend.

Krista is the girl who wakes me up at ungodly hours to go for walks. She knows the best games for long car rides. She will sing with me, at the top of her lungs, no matter where we are. She once taught me to frolic properly through the Cornell plantations. I'm pretty sure you think you know how to frolic. But you don't. Not unless you have received proper instruction from Krista.

I don't know why but she entrusted me with the task to do her hair for her wedding. I would not consider myself someone who is good at this kind of thing. I've had the same hairstyle since first grade. My idea of high style is a ponytail. But she asked me and I could not refuse.

And even though I had no idea how to turn her curly, curly hair into wavy hair (seriously, Krista? Seriously...) I pretended that I knew exactly what I was doing.

The truth is...I was terrified. I was pretty sure I was going to ruin the whole day.

The good news is...I didn't. Because when you're working with someone as gorgeous as Krista, it's hard to mess up.

It seems appropriate that she'd take us to the top of a mountain for her wedding. That she'd send us up the narrowest of roads into fog so dense we joked that the headless horseman would appear in the mist. She always takes us to the best places. Always sends us higher than we think we can go.

I realize this photo is blurry but I think it is the right kind of portrait. Krista is not so easy to capture, always frolicking through life like that. Spike, I wonder, how did you ever catch her?


  1. It must have been a good weekend for weddings. One of my good college friends got married, too. You did a great job on her hair.

  2. Beautiful bride! Looks like a wonderful time :)

  3. She looks beautiful! You did a great job. :)

  4. You are so brave! I would have chickened out, but you did beautifully!

    And I love those final sentiments. Those hard to capture friends are the best!

  5. AWESOME post.

    I did a good friend's hair before her wedding.

    Yeah . . . scary . . .

    LOVE the pic.

  6. I can tell that you love your friend :) I love having friends that keep me moving so fast that we are "blurry" together.

  7. Looks like an awesome wedding! And her hair is great :)

  8. She looks lovely!

    A friend of mine had a horror story about being invited as a bridesmaid for a girl she wasn't very close to. When she arrived a day early the bride said she wanted my friend to do her hair since she was bad at up-dos. A long style with pieces pulled back is one thing, but an updo can be elaborate! My friend respectfully declined and offered to pay for a hairstylist. I understand that is a lot of pressure!

  9. Congratulations to your dear friend! It's such a treasure seeing someone you care for so much so happy. And yes, her hair looks great. :)

  10. melissa, i'm actually responding to the post above this one, but there wasn't a button for comments up there- not that i could see anyway...

    it can be so hard to get into a book, even a great book, if you've only got short spans of time of it, here and there. i gotta spend a good hour at the beginning of one or it's harder to get sucked in.

    also, when i was a 1st and 2nd grade teacher, every now and then we'd have a "read in"- like a john and yoko "bed in", only different! ;) we'd just read... all day. nothing else. i never have those anymore, but it sounds good!

    so, i'm with you on this!

  11. I love you, Sarno! I'm sorry I put you under so much pressure, but you did a fabulous job and I am forever indebted to you. XOXOX