Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't Mess With the Lobster Man

I feel the need to share this.

There is a restaurant around the corner from my apartment. A cozy French restaurant specializing in fish. We are not quite regulars but we do go there often, particularly in the winter when it's too cold to walk too far.

Some time ago, the owner, a proud Frenchman who always wears a Fedora, became the subject of many blog posts and articles. Apparently, a patron sent back his lobster twice because it was undercooked and, like any proud chef, the owner did not appreciate this because, he yelled, it was not undercooked and he only serves the freshest and finest fish at his establishment.

Then... the owner threw a lobster at the customer.

This, of course, makes me ridiculously happy because I happen to love crazy people. And I especially love crazy people who are passionate about food.

Last week, the owner opened a wine bar next door to the restaurant. I will, no doubt become a regular there because I like wine. But he just announced the name of the bar. And guess what he named it?! Guess!

The Flying Lobster!

I'm dying.

Sorry. I don't get out much.


  1. THAT is an awesome man! And hilarious!!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome character! And I love his sense of humor, that he name the wine place after it. haha.

  3. That's so incredibly hilarious. Also, I like you even more now because of this statement alone: "This, of course, makes me ridiculously happy because I happen to love crazy people."

  4. That's awesome! I worked in food service for a little while, and I REALLY wanted to do things like that to stupid customers.

  5. Super awesome. What wonderful places to support. The Flying Lobster. Historic.

  6. Hilarious! Love that he has a sense of humor. :D