Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wait For Me


If I spoke that is about all that would come out. Or the wa-wa nonsense talk that comes from the adults in the Peanuts cartoons.

Apparently, I was a well-behaved child. But... my God you could whine, says my mother. I was very particular about how to make a proper cheese sandwich. I did not like to leave the swingset. I refused to stand on long lines.

Nothing much has changed.

I live in a neighborhood full of children. When I walk to the subway they crowd the sidewalks on their wobbling scooters, spill out of yellow schoolbuses, run when they're supposed to be walking.

Always, there is one little girl standing at the top of the steps, dragging a too-heavy backpack, sun stinging her eyes, hair in a wild tangle at her waist. And she's so ridiculously dramatic. The frivolous girl in a period piece. The one who is in constant need of smelling salts. Wait for me. She always cries. Whhhhy will no one waaaaait for me? Puhlease somebody just waaaait for me.

I hear ya, kid. Lately, I can't catch up to anybody or anything. I can't quite seem to get there.


  1. Love the imagery! I can just see the scene . . . and wow, I hear her on that, too. Feel like I'm getting left behind in all the progression around me.

  2. Oh my. I was the cry baby. All of my siblings remind me of that. And I ended up with one. Gotta love it. This wa a great way of telling the story.

  3. Ha. I was more the opposite, so I can be a bit of whiner now. LOL Sometime people have to call the Whaaaambulance for me! LOL

  4. whoops, meant to say *but* I can be a bit of a whiner now.

  5. Oh whew I thought this post title meant you were going to take a long break from blogging and you wanted us all to wait for you.

    Great neighborhood scene here! I can just hear that whiny voice "Wait for me-e-e-e!"

  6. Please don't throw me off the blog. I'm the one who wants to thump that little girl on the top of the head and say, "Get it in gear and catch up." I have an aunt who once said she was surprised that I "made such a good mother." This post has made me feel unusually cruel and unfeeling. Okay, Melissa, I'll wait for you.

  7. I always enjoy reading your blog. When I get your latest post in my inbox I am always eager to see what you have to say today. As your childhood friend, I love getting to know the woman you have grown into. You are truly an interesting person, full of ambition and I am proud of you. Tyler must be equally interesting if you chose him to build a life with. I an sure you will have a very beautiful and unique wedding. If you decide to have kids, I look forward to reading what your views and routines will be like them. For now, until we get to read of married life and diapers, please continue to entertain, inspire and make us think. -- Tracy (single) Keesee

  8. I think you are describing my 6 year old. Sometimes I want to sell her to the gypsies :)

  9. I had a friend who was just like you. Forced me to be the voice of reason all the time. (That's probably when I learned to be so logical! lol)

    You will get where you're going in your own time. Just relax and be mindful of the journey :)