About Me

I am a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. After working in television production for several years, on the sets of live televised events, promos, commercials, and reality television, I made the switch to children’s media. Now, I work full time writing and producing content for young people.

When I'm not writing elegant prose for preschoolers, I write novels and short stories for middle grade, young adult, and adult audiences. 

The first short story I remember writing as a little girl was about Cathy (named after the comic strip) who was afraid of her elderly neighbor.  Then she rolled down a hill, hit a rock, and, all bruised and battered, was carried home to safety by that neighbor.  It was all very Boo Radley and dark and real.

To this day, I still write stories about people who have complicated feelings about the people they know and the world they live in.  These are the kind of stories I love to read.  They are the kind I love to tell.

After years of stories, creative writing classes, workshops, and an MFA in Screenwriting which sent me on a strange detour into television production, I've finally decided to become a writer.  I don't know what that means. The truth is, I would like for you to one day hold a book I wrote in your hands. My forever dream.

If you want to talk books, writer woes, wine, cheese, tv, i.e. anything, please feel free to e-mail me at: thistooblog@gmail.com