Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for You

Yes, you!

This A-Z Challenge is about to kill me. I've never blogged this much in my life and, I've gotta tell you, I'm sick of hearing from myself. I'm thinking you're all sick of me too. I don't blame you.

So, I want to thank all of my old followers for always being so lovely and commenting on my posts. And say 'hi' to all of my new followers and hope that you haven't experienced too much Melissa and are scared away.

Since I don't know how much more I can possibly say, I want to use this opportunity to hear from you.

But first, a little more about me (lol) : For the first year or so that I blogged, I was a pretty big lurker. I read a lot of blogs but I didn't join in the discussion. Once I did, I made a lot of wonderful writing friends and met critique partners and felt a part of a larger writing and reading community and it was nice.

So I hope, if you are lurker you will comment on my blog today. And if you're not a lurker I hope you do your thing and comment like you always do.

Want to play along?

This was inspired by Allison at Allison Writes

1. What do you blog about?
2. What is your twitter handle?
3. Where do you live?
4. Are you going to BEA in May by any chance?
5. What is your favorite snack of all time?


  1. Oh, I hear ya! I'm exhausted with this thing. And my comments have dropped too. Lol. I guess I'm a boring A-Zer ;-/

  2. It may have been exhausting for you to write, but I've enjoyed reading!

    I'll play along:
    1. I blog about randomness - observations, books I've read, etc.
    2. @jenpickrell
    3. In Virginia
    4. I wish I was going to BEA
    5. I know it's bad, but I love salt, so I could eat snacks all day long - Bugles, pretzels, French fries, Tings, Chex Mix...

  3. I'm whipped as well from this challenge. But it's been a very positive experience.
    1. I blog about my life journey and lessons learned.
    2 Don't participate in Twitter.
    3.Albuquerque, New Mexico
    4.Not attending BEA
    5. I don't do snacks anymore but when I do, it's shortbread cookies.

  4. Heh obviously I couldn't take it, but I feel so much better not worrying about posting every day. I can tell my blog is back to normal because my book review post has no comments instead of 30 random ones!

    1. Writing, humor, photography, sometimes random stories.
    2. _allisonwrites
    3. Memphis, TN
    4. No, but now I'm going to look it up!
    5. Mine change with the season. Right now, Wheat Thins. I'm a big fan of chips, period, especially Doritos... so much so that I gave them up!

  5. I just discovered your blog today. I have been taken on different tangents this month, so I wasn't able to visit all the blogs I had intended to visit. Glad I found yours.
    1. Blog about writing--and then I ramble at times.
    2. @narrawriter
    3. Live in SW Colorado in the mtns.
    4. What is BEA? Need to look it up, too.
    5. It varies: chips and salsa; sometimes sweet things.
    Nice to meet you through the Challenge. I am also following you on Twitter now.

  6. I LOVE this post and I absolutely agree. This challenge has been exhausting. The only way I got through it was to write my posts ahead of time so they were ready for deadline. It's my copywriter genes at work, what can I say? Nevertheless, it's been great finding new blogs and meeting other bloggers.

    1. I actually have three blogs. Emerald City features a variety of subjects: movies, tv shows, music, art, humor, fashion, pop culture, poetry, books, my life in general, etc. My Theatre Blog is about drama and theatre. Fixing Madison is a fiction blog about a character I've created.


    3. Cheyenne, Wyoming

    4. What's BEA?

    5. Popcorn

  7. I agree, I'm going to be glad for tomorrow (Z)!

    1. Jewelry making, books & writing. Mostly jewelry.
    2. beadsandbooks
    3. Colorado
    4. Nope
    5. Just one? :0

  8. 1. What do you blog about? WHATEVER POPS IN MY HEAD
    2. What is your twitter handle? I MOSTLY LURK ON TWITTER
    3. Where do you live? CEDAR FALLS, IOWA
    4. Are you going to BEA in May by any chance?I WISH I WAS!
    5. What is your favorite snack of all time? FOOD (wink)