Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Tyler

Tyler warned me that the T post can not be sappy in any way. I don't even think I'm allowed to use the word love. So, in no particular order, here are the best things about Tyler that are not sappy. Not even a little bit.

Tyler does the dishes while I'm writing. It's, seriously, the nicest thing a person can do for another person.

He does a really good, exaggerated Lawng Island accent, which means that if someone had a hidden camera, they would find us wawking around the apartment tawking like that all day. And while we're wawking down the street on the way to the subway. And while we're on the subway when we think no one is listening. Oh, and while we're tawking on the phone.

He watches golf all Sunday afternoon so that I have no choice but to go in my little office and write. It's, seriously, the second nicest thing a person can do for another person.

He likes to ride bikes with me.

He is a human GPS. I don't even pay attention to where I'm going anymore because I just assume he knows where we are. And if he's not with me, I'll just call him on the phone and ask him where I am. And he'll know and tell me the landmark that's right in front of my face. And I'll be like, oh yeah, that's right in front of my face.

He knows everything that is going on in the news. He has to explain every current event to me because I can't understand the newspapers or the Rachel Maddow show.

He has a knack for making parallels between dog behavior and people behavior. For example, someone will make a face and Tyler will say, "That was a total Bella face." (Bella is his sister's dog) And the best part is, I'll say, "Oh my god, I know. And that's a Charlie stance." (Charlie is his parents' dog)

And finally, the best part about Tyler? The boy can cook. 'Nuf said.

Anyone have anything to say about the Tyler in their life? It can't be sappy.


  1. He does the dishes??? I'm sold on his awesomeness!

  2. You're a lucky lady, Melissa. Sounds like a keeper. Mine doesn't care what I do as long as it makes me happy. He's just totally on my side.

  3. If he does the dishes, you've got a keeper! :o)

  4. sounds like you have a good thing going!

  5. Tell him it wasn't sappy, not one bit. But I could read between the lines and I read that you were thinking sappy as you wrote this post. But it didn't come off as sappy.

    Girlfriend! You'd better keep this one. He sounds ultra fantastically awesomely cool.

    Mine? He ALSO does dishes when I give a kid the night off. And he says he doesn't know how I do it all. Those words alone make me feel sooo good. And the kissin' thing. Yep, he's great at that. :-)

  6. I forgot to add that mine can ride a horse. *wink*

  7. Sounds like you found "the one!" happy for you, melissa! my hubby? hmmmm.. without being sappy... ok, he has been my best friend since we started dating when i was 16 and he was 17 because the guy can make me laugh out loud all the time -- even when i am mad! he still looks at me like he did when i was a hot little 16 yr old, even though i am working on losing baby weight, have a c-section scar, stretch marks, and am an exhausted mom. still, he still makes me feel desirable! he is super handy -- an electrician/solar installer by trade, perfectionist by nature so he does great work in our house.... He is the most perfect daddy i could ever imagine to our two kids... yes, he does diapers, baths, bottle feedings, spoon feedings, bedtime stories, and cuddles. i think this is getting sappy! my brendan? he's mine.. and he's perfect for me <3