Monday, April 4, 2011

D is for Dreamland

This is part of the inspiration for my current WIP, a Contemporary YA, with the working title: Rabbit Island. It depicts the Coney Island amusement park, Dreamland, in 1904.

Does a place or time inspire your work? I hope you'll share that inspiration in the comments!

Photo Credit: Photographs of Old America


  1. Cool picture. From the little bit you've mentioned, I'm very intrigued by your YA.

    I seem to set 90% of my books in Oklahoma since I went to high school there. The rest are set in California where I live now or else in places where I spent the summer.

  2. My hometown. Small little Illinois corn town built on the Illinois and Michigan canal. I don't live there now, but I miss it fiercely, and all my small towns in my writing are based on that town. The houses of my characters are usually houses in neighboorhoods around that town. I've moved around a LOT as an adult, but my hometown is the place I know best, and I think something of it will always show up in my writing. :)

  3. cool photo and i am glad it inspires...

  4. Yep, The Blue Ridge Mountains here in NC. This is where two of my novels are centered. The one I'm querying (if I ever get better) and my WIP. I know a lot about it and even talked to the orest Ranger.

    Great pic there girl.

    I have one I want to do about the Keys. It's on the horizon. Maybe next year. :-)

  5. Beautiful picture. Curious how Dreamland could work for a contemporary YA??? Cool to imagine it.

  6. Great photo...and I can't wait to read some of your wip!

    Two of my stories a pb and an mg are inspired by WWII, my grandparents and one of their friends, Winston Churchill, and England.

    Two other pb's are inspired by my obsession with cake...