Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X-ray

When I was in high school, I had to have an MRI because I had these strange bumps on my legs. The MRI detected that all was well, but it didn't explain the bumps. I had to go to several doctors before a specialist determined that the sheath around my muscle was weak and that my muscles were bulging out of the sheath. Kind of like sausage breaking through the casing. He said there was no treatment and it's not dangerous in any way.

To this day, when I engage in repetitive physical activity, these bumps become more pronounced. I have yet to meet another person who has this happen to them.

But, then again, I was that kid who had all the weird diseases. The kind that multiple doctors had to diagnose.

The first was impetigo. I'm told this is a common problem. But, like the leg bumps, I have yet to meet another person who has ever had this. It's not the most attractive description, so let's just say it involved lots of oozing and scabbing around my nose.

The next was lice, which is quite common. However, I haven't heard of anyone who had it more than 3 times. Yup, I was that kid. And it's pretty funny, because:

1. My mother is obsessively clean.
2. I'm an only child.
3. I got it when school was out of session.
4. No one else I played with around the neighborhood had lice.

I guess it has to start with someone...

However, I've saved the best for last. The strangest ailment I had as a child was Fifth Disease. Fifth Disease is real. My doctor told me they named it because, quite literally, it is the fifth kind of skin rash you can get. The others being: measles, scarlet fever, rubella, and roseola (thank you wikipedia). The symptoms are:looking like you've been slapped in the cheeks and a lacy red rash all over your body. This took a few trials and errors to diagnose but ultimately some doctor out there had paid attention in medical school.

I bring it up because I have heard of one other person who had fifth disease! My father's coworker's daughter's friend. Who was actually quarantined in the hospital because no one knew what the heck she had.

I'm sure you're really glad you came to my blog to learn about all the weird diseases I had as a kid. But hopefully, if you or someone you know has bumps on their legs or looks like they've been slapped in the face repeatedly, you'll be able to shed some light.

And, what can I say? I'm on X of the A-Z challenge and I'm losing steam.


  1. That's funny! They actually thought my daughter had Fifth's disease for awhile then decided it was chicken pocks. And you know there's always some kid who goes home from school with head lice. Every year.

  2. Just the word lice makes my head itch. I, thankfully, haven't had it, BUT there have been outbreaks at the schools here in France. ***scratches head***

  3. Wow, Melissa, did all of that make you much stronger and able to deal with things? And Fifth Disease - well,never heard of that one.

  4. Great...I'm having teaching flashacks and my head is itching. I'm surprised you had lice, I've noticed that there seems to be less of a problem with it as you moved north. In the South, we would send kids home everyday with lice. When I taught in MO the occurance was much less. In the south you'd never hang your coat up with other people's coats, here in Iowa everyone hangs their coats up in loads of restaraunts. (NOT ME!)

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

  5. Found you through A-Z. You have had a lot of things wrong. Here's to the rest of your life of total health. I hear you about the running out of steam thing.

  6. My friend's kid had Fifth Disease not too long ago - I'd never heard of it until then.

    I had Cat Scratch Fever once. It's not just a Ted Nugent song.

  7. My son had impetigo a few years ago. It was so bad (blistery and bubbly looking) that the doctor said that if I hadn't mentioned it had started out as a tiny cut, she would've thought it was a burn. Yucky looking stuff!

    And Fifth Disease is fairly common- while thankfully it's skipped our house, a lot of my friends who are parents have dealt with it.

  8. if it makes you feel better, fifths disease is super common. i was a preschool teacher in 2 different daycares centers over a 6 yr period and it happened alot..i worked up until my 7 month of my first pregnancy, and since fifths disease is so common and i was a teacher, my obgyn tested me for parvo (the virus that causes fifth disease) and i tested positive. so, i had been exposed to it but like many people, never showed symptoms. =) tracy