Monday, August 20, 2012

The Time I Ate Gator

I spent the weekend in Jacksonville, Florida where I was taken to Clark's Fish Camp.

There is nothing I love more than kitsch and Clark's is rumored to have the largest private collection of taxidermy in the nation.  I was in heaven upon walking in the door.  

I could have eaten yak, crocodile, llama...even python.  There were choices to be made. Fried. Or chargrilled.  Did I prefer gator tail, toe, or rib?

I settled on gator tail.  It tasted a lot like chicken.  

I enjoyed eating it amidst the twinkling lights underneath a canopy of stuffed animal skin.

I was not kidding.

I really was not kidding.

Fried gator tail.

This one time, in Jacksonville, I ate your friend.  


  1. I had gator in Florida as a kid. You're right - it tasted like chicken, but mine was incredibly chewy. I want to go there and try some other animals and try to not be scared to death of the stuffed animals.

  2. I don't think I could eat gator meat. I would have had the rabbit. I ate it when I was a kid. It, too, takes like chicken...or is it just our imaginations.

    Very nice pics, btw. :)

  3. I had fried alligator tails once in Florida -- a LOOOONG time ago. I remember thinking they tasted like chicken, but not very good chicken. :D

  4. Oh, wow, you're braver than I am! Looks like y'all had a fun time.

  5. Oh. My. I think I could actually eat Gator. Fried up it actually looked tasty! I like these posts; it reminds that there are people in this world who are very, very different than me (not you...I mean the stuffed elk photo :).

  6. I've had gator too...I thought it tasted like chicken, but felt like you were eating fish.

    What an awesome place! Thanks for sharing the pics...

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