Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mash Ups!

I wanted to blog today but felt jumbled in thought.  Oh gosh. So many thoughts.  I can't keep them straight.  I feel tired of throwing up a picture in this space.  Tired of trying to say something when there doesn't seem to be anything that makes sense inside me to say.

Since I can't seem to string thoughts together with any cohesion, I give you a Mash Up.

Today, I turned to one of my best friends, Lynn, in one of our never-ending email exchanges.  I asked her for a blog topic. Going back to school, she suggested. And I couldn't seem to conjure up any logical story.  No nervous anticipation or getting a first day of school outfit or waiting for the bus or blah blah blah sigh-y new beginning waah waah.

Lynn had a story.  Of her first day of Kindergarten.  Every child cried hysterically and then ended up pictured on the front page of the Syracuse newspaper.  One child, poor J. was, apparently, front and center in his ugly hysterics, and never lived it down. That made me think of the possible headline.  The Terrors of Kindergarten! And that made me laugh.

I learned today that the whistle in Donna Summers 'Bad Girls' is called a samba whistle. And now I think I need one because I want to toot toot and beep beep my way through life.

In order to get in a certain mind frame for writing more, more, more, (and more!) toy scripts, I felt I had to listen to Melanie Safka's 'Brand New Key' on repeat. You know the song:

Oh, I got a brand new pair of rollerskates
You got a brand new key

The lyric I love:

I ride my bike, I rollerskate, don't drive no car
Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far

For somebody who don't drive, I been all around the world
Some people say I done all right for a girl  

I just love that (especially the last line.)  I think I could write an entire book about that girl.  Maybe I will.

And speaking of people who have done all right for being girls... my favorite Mash Up ever from the show I gave up because it made me crazy:


  1. At 5:45 this morning, this mash up is just right for me. I love when silly songs are made serious.

  2. Oh, The Terrors of Kindergarten totally made me laugh! It's funny how traumatic such innocent things could be. But I definitely remember the first day of school, and the anxiety of my parents "leaving me" there. I adapted pretty quickly, though, and sometimes miss school these days!

  3. Ha, poor kindergarteners! And I love that Glee song (though yes, the show makes me crazy).

  4. Mash-up thoughts are my life of late. :) And seriously, poor kid. But still. Pretty hilarious!

    Our first day of school was pretty uneventful. Third, not so much. ;)

  5. My brain has been a complete mash-up lately, so I totally get your post today.

    I loved Glee for a while, but it was making me crazy too. Everything but the music part.