Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Embracing Imperfection

Today, I read this post from Jamie Catto on the Intimacy of Imperfection and felt as if I had been set free.

Catto suggests that it's not imperfection that is unattractive to others but the shame that comes from these imperfections.

These past few weeks (months? years? lifetimes?), I have struggled with, obsessed over, the idea of perfection.  Most recently, I've been overly concerned about it in the online space. I've felt as if I have to constantly revise myself. Every sentence, every word.  I've been very worried that the 'me' I'm presenting to the world is not the right kind of me. With this blog, my twitter and Facebook and email accounts, I have been given too many opportunities to delete, edit, and second-guess. 

How refreshing to step back, to understand that it's not the 'terrible' me I have to hide (for I am quite terrible) but the fear behind it that I have to shed.

So, I'll start small.  I'll start with a photograph on this (not-so) Wordless Wednesday.  There I was at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with my point and shoot camera, pretending to be a photographer, trying to capture this dragonfly.  There I was, whining to myself that I did not have a good enough camera with an expensive lens, that I did not have an art background, years of photography classes, or even a basic knowledge of light.  There I was, crabby and pissed and stubborn but determined to take a picture of these delicate wings.

And what happened when I, finally, after snapping two hundred photos, captured that dragonfly in the right position, without it being blurred or shadowed or obstructed or just plain bad?

There was a freaking sign in the background.

To imperfection.  I start here.


  1. To imperfection! Though that photo is incredible, sign and all.

  2. I actually think the sign looks good in the photo - it gives balance and a nice contrast of color :)

  3. Love it! I, too, worry so much over every word, making sure they're right. Then I looked at my last post and saw that I had used the word Ipod rather than Ipad a billion times, and the word table rather than tablet a half billion times. So much for perfection. ;-)

  4. "Catto suggests that it's not imperfection that is unattractive to others but the shame that comes from these imperfections." - No kidding! I love that. It describes me. I'll have to click the link and read more. Thanks - and great photo, sign and all :)

  5. I agree with Jennifer. I know nothing about taking pictures, but I think the sign is just fine. It's beautiful!

  6. Fantastic photograph!!!! Just remember that all you need to be is yourself. There is no point on agonising as it just takes up time and energy. Easier to say when you are older and have come through that stage ... but I am hoping that you can avoid it by 'being you' from now on, young as you are.

    I look forward to your posts because of who you are and the spontaneous way in which you write.

    And maybe there is a new carreer in photography????

  7. Well if this is imperfection then wow! I love the photo and think that the sign adds to the photo, particularly with casting shadow. Keep up with this imperfection, because it's great!