Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Sense of Place

Place is important to me.  In my writing.  In my life. 

I like to understand how we fit inside a space or stand at the edge.  Places cling to memory.  They hold on to moments we've never known. 

I am working on a new story and I decided to set it on the streets I walk every day. I wanted to keep it close.  And true.

So I have to ask, where are you?


  1. On the edge, I would say, but very much in my mind. Probably this makes no sense, but I remain where I am until my mind has invaded a space and shown it to be one that can be mine, or one to turn away form.

    A thought provoking post made more so by the excellent choice of photograph to illuminate your words.

  2. My mind has an album of snapshots of my life. Places I remember and brief events that occurred in them. I go to that album when I want or need an atmosphere for my writing. This photo is loaded with atmosphere. This is a timely post, Melissa.

  3. I'm working on a new story, too. Taking place in a place I once lived. Lol

  4. I wanted to write a story set in the Pennsylvania mountains I love ... which eventually led to discovering a pair of caged graves in a remote, abandoned cemetery.

    Even though setting is what ultimately inspired my story, I actually cut a lot of details about my setting to reduce word count. Dumb idea. I now find myself putting them all back in and expanding them. Lesson learned? :D

  5. Me? Why, I'm at home in my comfy recliner, nothing but pj's and a big squishy blanket on me.

    But my characters? They are in Oregon, slumming it up near the Willamette :)

  6. My characters are currently in Arizona...but there's another idea that's trying to push through which doesn't have a location yet.

    I think shiny new idea might win though ;)

  7. Place should be another character, because the really great settings have life of their own :)

  8. I'm in the process of publishing my second novel, which takes place here in my Los Feliz neighborhood. It was such fun writing about this quirky area, and doing so led to quirky characters.