Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Words from the Work In Progress

I don't think I'll ever be able to figure out what this blog is about. But the writing is at the heart of it. And I haven't talked much about writing lately, which has probably led most of you to believe that not much of it has been going on.

But it has. Very late into the night. Every night. My days have become endless. After working a full day, it feels as if I begin an entirely new one when I return home. I walk in the door at 8pm, I cook, I eat dinner, and then it's time to write for a few hours.

It's been like this for months and, I'll admit, that the schedule is about to break me. But then, I think, I am healthy. I don't have children to take care of. I have time. So, really, I could be working harder. I should be working harder. I promise, I will.

So that you believe me, so that somebody out there (besides me) knows, here are some words from the current work in progress. Because I really do need someone to know.

What are you writing? I'd like to know too.

He kicked his heel back into the leg of the elephant, reached up for the belly of it, hammered against the metal, drummed out a hollow beat. The way he fidgeted reminded her of a little boy, always tinkering, snapping tree branches, running sticks through the sand. And it saddened her that she had become so perfectly still, so terrified to touch or disturb a thing.

“Where you going now?” he said, as if it weren’t a question, but a plea.

“Why does it matter?”

He stared at her as if he were looking into a camera and had forgotten to take the lens cap off. As if he were gazing into darkness and couldn’t figure out why. “Com’ere. Look.” He ducked underneath the massive elephant structure.

She hesitated.

His voice echoed. “Come on.”


  1. I'm in the middle of a YA Contemp, about halfway through and a vague idea of where it's going. Gotta love those first drafts!

  2. I love your excerpt! I'm writing Book 3 in my YA Whispering Woods series.

  3. Intriguing excerpt, I'm hooked! It sounds like you have an effective writing schedule. Sometimes the consistency is what matters, which is what I've been working on. (And writers who only blog about their writing make for dull blogs, so I'm glad you don't do that.)

  4. The elephant thing has me super curious! Can't wait to read more. :)

    I've been staying up late working, so my writing is suffering, but I'm dying to make some edits . . . sigh.

  5. Oh, lovely! Very curious about what's going on :)

    I'm working on a sci-fi WIP that will never end. Mainly because I have no time lately, and am attempting to get some revisions done for my editor first. If only for a few more hours in the day...

  6. You have a GREAT writing voice. I normally skim (I know. I suck) I could. Not. Skim. This. Nice job.

    I'm editing. It's actually totally what I'm in the mood for after writing and writing and writing.

  7. Nice! I wanted to know more! ^_^
    I'm currently writing a YA scifi, but am kind of lost right now, so I'm taking a moment this week to plot out the next steps :)

  8. That is gorgeous and enticing. It's definitely worth staying up late for :)