Monday, June 27, 2011

Words on a Page

It's been a while since I've updated you all on my writing projects and it's come to my attention that some of you may care, which will never cease to amaze me (thank you).

Spared sits and awaits a rewrite. After years of working on it, I realize the story is still not where it needs to be. A painful discovery but a discovery just the same. So it sits and waits. It is not quiet about it. In fact, it's somewhat impatient and rowdy and a bit of a nuisance. But I do feel the physical manuscript is in the proper place right now (Sitting. Waiting.)

I am nearing the end of the first draft of Rabbit Island, which has been an eventful ride. There have been some painful moments-- I got lost for something like...oh....50 pages and had to trash them all-- but, in the end, I thought it was a good experience. I had no idea things would end up where they are and I look forward to editing it.

And, below, Rabbit Island's first time out in public (ignore the bad hair and the poor outfit choice and the stammering. It has spent the last 6 months alone with me...which isn't good for anyone.)

Reagan stopped walking and the smell of hotdogs, the rising smoke, hung in the stale, hot air. "Don't worry. You're going to figure out the way you want to love someone," she told Adelaine. "And when you do, you're going to hatch grand schemes."

Adelaine laughed. "Let's start with you and Eric Brown and see what happens."

"What? It's a done deal."

Adelaine looked up at the entrance. Two tall tree trunks, whose branches stemmed into a giant arch. The trees were white, like everything at Dreamland, as if the entire place had been trapped inside a winter storm. The leaves sparkled, silver and glass, and the tangled branches twisted together to give the impression of a woman's face outlined with wild, flowing hair.

And when she walked inside, it felt as if she had been swallowed whole.

I hope you'll tell me what you're working on (writing or otherwise) and let me know how you are spending your days.


  1. I loved reading the passage of your novel! It's full of intrigue and great description.

    I should be working towards finishing a book for children aged 3-5 and the first draft of my novel 'The Unheard', but I haven't been able to motivate myself lately.

    It seems like your work is coming along nicely though!

  2. Lovely! I will be the first person in line to buy a copy when this gets published. :)

    I've got several writing projects going, but the one I'm focusing on now is women's fiction, kind of chick-lit-ish. It's going to need some major editing; I'm writing it all out of order, so there will be a lot of work getting it to flow well, I think. (OMG, my cat is all the way across the room and I can still hear her bathing. She is so ridiculously loud.) I expect needing to take lots of long walks once I start editing (that's where my best ideas come from, when I'm walking), but for now, I'm not stressing and am just letting the words flow. :)

  3. My writing projects seem to be growing, instead of getting lined up and ready to mail. I found a box of some writings done in previous decades, and now feel a driving need to do something with them!