Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm going to call this blurry photo 'artsy' because that's the way I roll.

I can't imagine how many noodles this shop goes through a day. Capturing the moment through the glass, it felt as if I'd attempted to still an entire neighborhood that can not be tamed.

This is how I picture Chinatown in Manhattan, color and life moving across the gray. Carts barrelling over concrete. Food spilling out from the markets displayed on crowded sidewalks. School letting out into the streets.

There is not one empty storefront. Not a wasted piece of land. A spare corner keeps frogs in a barrel, discarded furniture, or a metal folding chair for a white-haired woman to rest.

It is, hands down, one of my favorite places in the city.

What's your favorite place to explore in your neck of the woods?


  1. It must be so fun to watch those noodles! And empty windows really do take away from a place, don't they?

    My favorite? . . . I just love the Mall (in DC). Just feels like being surrounded by history AND history in the making.

  2. Your photo and your description of life in China town are both art!

    I'd have to say my favorite place is a park that takes you up and down along side a canyon and across a bridge to the other side. A raging creek runs through it into the lake which you get a stunning view of when you're on the up side of the hike. All together beautiful.

  3. I love the photo and the description. Sadly, I have to admit that with two children I have not taken the time to explore and find a favorite place. And what better thing is there to do with two little boys than explore? Thanks for this post. I will definitely make sure we do this this summer. And I'm committing myself to coming back here to tell you what we've discovered! Christy

  4. I think the "artsy" photo totally works :) Chinatown definitely has a look and feel to it that's other-worldly -- the signs in yellow and red, the markets and rush of people passing on street corners. It's like visiting a different country without leaving home.

    For me? I love exploring new surroundings since moving to NJ. My favourite? Asbury Park. Something about the history of the place -- how it fell into disrepair and is now experiencing a rebirth -- and yet, it still retains a bit of grittiness. I love it!