Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to Write

As the warm weather begins to find its way to the Northeast, I've been thinking a lot about my writing schedule. Or the lack of one...

I value time spent outdoors and when it's sunny, I do not like to stay inside and write. My schedule is flimsy, to say the least, and it is flexible. I don't plan to write every day. I write when I have 'time' to write. I give up activities to write. And I give up writing to engage in activities. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it.

These are the things I will give up writing for (and not feel guilty)
Spending time with Tyler
Dinner or drinks with friends and family
Visits with friends and family
A Bike Ride
A hike
Working Out
Taking the night off after a particularly difficult/emotional/stressful day at work

Here are things I give up writing for (and feel guilty)
Being on facebook
Watching television
Reading blogs
Browsing the internet

Now, it should be said that I don't have the hours from 7:30am to 7pm to write. These are the hours I spend working full time and travelling to and from the office. I like to go to bed no later than 12:30am. And I consider that late.

So, you see, that I have roughly 5 hours per night to do everything else. There are several things pulling me away that make me feel guilty (I have to think about those). And there are even more things pulling me away from writing that I value or are absolutely necessary. I think my priorities are pretty appropriate. But if any of the non-necessity activities become available to me at any given time then the manuscript gets placed in a drawer. And it never. Gets. Done.

This makes me think I need an actual schedule. I'm not sure how it's going to work, but I think something needs to be put in place. The flexibility is great, but perhaps it's getting out of hand. Perhaps the things I value need a more specific time slot (my goodness, has it really come to that?) Whatever the case, I'm mulling it over...

So, tell me, please. How flexible are you with your writing time?

Do you write every day at a specific time no matter what?

Do you give up the things you value in order to write?

What things take precedence over your writing?

What things take precedence over your writing that maybe shouldn't?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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  1. Love how you've divided up your lists. I try to write every day while my kids are at school (unless grading/planning takes over; I teach a couple of nights a week). Family has to take precedence over writing.

    What shouldn't take precedence? Too many critique groups. I'm thrilled to have been invited, but I can't keep up w/that much reading and critique-ing and meeting.