Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo Friendly Week for Cranky Cranes: Day 4

This is part of a Photo Friendly Week for Cranky Cranes. Because there ain't no reason to feel cranky when there are so many pretty things in the world to see.

I used to live in this apartment in Ithaca, NY when I was in college. It was a typical college apartment and when you sat on the orange and green striped couch, smoke and dust puffed out, reminding you just how old and used it was. I cringe thinking of that now. And yet, I miss it...
Towards the end of our senior year, when the weather finally got warm, my roomate Lynn had a brilliant idea. We dragged the television outside and watched the food network and the Golden Girls which we watched on Lifetime every day at 6pm.
But I took this photo years later when I went to visit. And it made me smile that the television was right where I wanted to remember it being :-)
Update: It has come to my attention that my dear friend Krista is responsible for the brilliant idea. I have no memory of my past (its true). And I must give credit where credit is due. Because it is rather genius to put a television outside.


  1. What a fun memory! We had an ancient couch like that at college, found at a garage sale by my thrifty roommate but no TV. Beautiful photo below. So nice to connect with you!

  2. I'm sorry... I know this is your blog and all, but I was the one who thought this plan up! I even rigged an umbrella over the TV to cut down on the glare. I don't get any credit?

  3. Sarah, nice to connect with you as well!

    Krista! I will update this. I had forgotten that you were instrumental in this plan. You must know by now that I have no memory of my past. Lynn keeps the memories for me! Consult her for anything re: those 4 years.