Monday, March 8, 2010

All As Read

Last week I unplugged in order to travel down South. The weather was sunny, the trees were in bloom, and I remembered all the lovely green and blue that makes a girl happy. I returned to Brooklyn to a few things:

1. A blue sky and melted snow.
2. The Oscars. I'll admit, I grew bored early on and went to sleep before the good awards. But there were beautiful dresses. And I'm quite pleased about the first female director win. It's about time.
3. A surprise query critique. More on this later...
4. A cold. My nose and head are stuffed. My eyes are tearing. I feel confused, in general.
5. 520 unread items in my google reader.

And you know what I did, my friends? I moved my little mouse and I marked them All. As. Read.

Clean slate. New day. New week. New month. Stuffed nose.

1 comment:

  1. The snow melting is great! I took a trip south this past weekend too. :) We still have snow, but it's getting shallower. (Thank Goodness!!!)