Monday, March 1, 2010

Photo Friendly Week for Cranky Cranes: Day 1

This is part of a Photo Friendly Week for Cranky Cranes. Because there ain't no reason to feel cranky when there are so many pretty things in the world to see.

I love this series of photos for several reasons:

Partly because Tyler's Uncle Mike is one of the jolliest people I know.

Partly because this pot is tremendous.

Partly because this delightful red kitchen is known for producing incredibly delicious food.

Partly because these lobsters are beautiful.

But mostly because there are few things better than lobster, cooold refreshing Prosecco and the company of great storytellers and all around good folks on a night when you look out the window and it's raining and it doesn't matter at all.


  1. The is one heckuva tremendous pot!

  2. What about lobsters doing somersaults? That made me giggle.

  3. The pot is seriously impressive.

    They are truly an acrobatic bunch!