Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogs I Read: Day 5

Ironically, it took moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn to realize what a rich history New York City has. The cozy neighborhood feel of the street I live on now is very different from my old cramped, studio, surrounded by a lot of nail salons and pizza places (but there is still a special place in my heart for that old, cramped studio with its leaky ceiling [sigh])

When I walk out of my apartment there are bakeries and butchers, churches, and restaurants that have been there for decades and I get a greater sense of that history. It's easier to see it tucked in my small neighborhood than in the center of crowded Manhattan.

Lost City honors a lot of 'lost' landmarks in this constantly evolving place. And, despite its often harsh stance against real estate development, it usually invokes a lot of curiousity in me. When I learn about a place that no longer exists or threatens to vanish, I wonder about the past, present, and future. For that reason, I find the blog and all the places it features very inspiring.

Are there blogs you enjoy that feature places that inspire you?

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