Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogs I Read: Day 1

Confession: I read an embarassing amount of blogs. My google reader is overflowing with posts and I am completely anal about getting down to zero un-read items. I have them broken down into categories and my google-reading is down to an absolute science. I read almost every single blog in my google reader and I rarely 'mark all as read'.

So, I decided that every day this week I am going to feature a blog that I find particularly useful or entertaining. It will be a bit like my Tuesday Books for Writers posts (which I've been slacking off on as of late. I apologize!) and I hope you'll find it beneficial.

Check back this week for updates!

Since you're here now, I feel I must leave you with something. So I'll send you to a blog that has nothing to do with writing at all. It just fricken hilarious. If you're not already reading Cake Wrecks you should be!

What's the funniest blog you read?


  1. I like The Junk Drawer ( Silly random posts. One humorous book related blog is "Awful Library Books." Contributors send in book titles found in libraries that are prime weed contenders. One of the latest posts showcases a book called "Latawnya the naughty horse says no to drugs."

  2. Thanks for commenting Melissa :o) Oh I clicked on Cake Wrecks haha I can see how some kids find clowns scary. All those smiling faces grouped together *shudder* hehe

  3. @ Brimful Curiousities Hilarious! I especially like the page of the horses smoking and drinking. lol

    @Niki The clowns post had me laughing. Very bizarre for sure.

  4. Ha, your Google Reader habits remind me of mine. Really, the contents of my reader are getting too big and unwieldy for me to handle anymore, but I hate to remove anything from it, and I hate missing going over a single item in it, even if it's just a quick glance. And Cake Wrecks is one of my favorites! One of my favorites that I subscribe to is It consists entirely of funny or stupid things that customers do - great for anyone who's ever worked retail or any kind of customer service job!

  5. I love cake wrecks!! It makes me laugh so hard I get cheek cramps sometimes!

    I've enjoyed reading about some of the blogs you like and why. Blogs feel like a cross between a good book and getting a peek at someone's life. It reminds me how many fascinating people there are out there!

    Thanks for coming by my blog!