Friday, January 22, 2010

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to...wait, what?

I really enjoyed editing Part I of my novel. I felt more confident in the story I was setting up, the characters and conflicts I had introduced. I was re-energized by my main character, who was a little flimsy and unsure in those first 100 pages before the edit. Now she's real. She has convictions and goals that drive the story forward. I know her better.

But beginning revisions for Part II was an instant crash from an exhilerating high. Everybody's ready. Bags are packed. Jacket's on. Got everything we need. And now it's time to push GO.

Um. Uhhh. Can I just stay behind? I like setting up the conflict. I like introducing my characters. I like beginning complex relationships. Now I actually have to follow-through? The conflicts have to get bigger? The people need to actually grow and change? The relationships have to GO somewhere? You mean I might actually have to say 'I LOVE YOU?!' No, no, no.


I've heard all the cliches. Life's a journey, not a destination. But I like getting all excited and ready to go. And I like it when I actually get there. The travel in between? Not so much.

Right now, I'm in the car. The gas tank is full. I've started the engine. But nothing's on the radio, it's probably gonna rain, there's nobody to talk to, and my turkey sandwich is already getting soggy in that zip-lock bag. And I've got hundreds of miles to go before I actually arrive.

There's no short cut, right?


If you need me I'll be in some podunk town at a rest stop eating stale twizzlers.


  1. My Mom used to always tell me, whenever I was having a rough time, "This to shall pass"

  2. LOL I love this image:) I am at the point in my novel where all my build up has to start happening now--the down hill slide from the middle. I'm in for a ride.

  3. Great post - wonderful imagery. I just realized that what I thought was the middle of more story wasn't and I still have a long way to go to reach the end. It's overwhelming, but keep at it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Love this simile. It's perfect. The long car ride, the turkey sandwich getting soggy in the zip-lock . . . But, you might also race through it, become an Indy 500 champion driver. Just keep driving!