Sunday, November 4, 2012

We'll Just Plant the Seeds

Red Hook Community Farm earlier this summer
Our local farm (yes, we have a farm in Brooklyn) is in Red Hook, whose border is just one block away from our apartment and one of the hardest hit neighborhoods after the storm.  The farm is non-profit.  It is an affordable resource for an underprivileged community and it also serves as an educational site for many youth programs.  Unfortunately, the land was badly damaged in the storm.

After making donations, then delivering food and supplies to the housing projects and local businesses in Red Hook, Tyler and I decided to work on the farm for a day. They needed to remove all the remaining crop which had been sitting under several feet of toxic water after the storm.  

Boy did it hurt my foodie heart to dig out thousands of peppers, pumpkins, eggplant, swiss chard, kale...the list goes on...  

Boy did it hurt my human heart to know that people were digging out their homes and lives in much the same way.

As I sat snipping eggplant leaves for composting, I talked with one teenager who had been working on the farm all year.

Does it bother you that everything's ruined after all your hard work? I asked. 

She shrugged.  I'm sad.  But we'll just plant the seeds again.


  1. thank you for doing this, Melissa. It feels as if you have done something for those of us who too far to help.

  2. Such a beautiful attitude. Thanks for sharing, Melissa.

  3. Wonderful attitude! And thanks for helping in the clean-up, Melissa! You rock!! I'm so glad you and Tyler made it through the storm okay. <3

  4. So glad y'all are ok! I love that attitude. I hope your garden gets back to normal soon!

  5. Beautiful. Yes, that would hurt my heart too and I always love to talk with someone like that teenager. It always turns my sentimental soul around :)

  6. Simple and beautifully stated. :)