Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Scattered Brain

Ugh. How many blog posts have I stopped and started today?  So many different topics. What I mean to say, what I can't seem to say, in all my stops and starts because I am so concerned about making sense (and really, what the sense in sense?) is all this.  A series of mini blog posts from my scattered brain:

You guys.  The blog. I feel so lost with it these days.

After an exhaustive search, I found a perfect pair of purple pants.  I need your help.  What shoes (color, style, etc.) does one wear with purple pants?  Note: flats season is over in these parts.

Time. TIME.  Do you crave it as much as I do?

Today, my friend/birthday sister/coworker said: Jobs are great to have.  But why does it have to suck so much when you have one?   I don't know if I'm overly emotional these days or what but I nearly started crying, thinking how unhappy a job can make people, how unhappy my job has, often, made me. 

 It wasn't my own unhappiness that upset me so much (I have come to terms with my work. I have made some important decisions in the past few months.) it was this idea that the unsatisfied feelings are so widespread.  How many people feel trapped in their jobs, in their lives, in their circumstances?  How many? 
I saw a quote I can no longer  find about the enchantment of snow.  How it snows and you wake up and your world is new. How so few things in life provide that kind of magic. As it snows in the northeast at this inopportune time, I am trying to remember this.  The joy of waking up to a new world. 


  1. Ugh jobs.

    Purple pants sound amaaaazing, but I have never owned any so I don't know what to recommend to wear with them!

  2. Melissa, I think that you have every right to be a bit frazzled right now. Hurricane Sandy really did a number to your community. If you weren't a bit emotional right now, there would be something wrong with you. (hugs)

  3. Oh Melissa! (((hugs))) I wish I could give you a real live hug right now, but alas. Jobs do kindof suck. It's just that not having one sucks worse.

    And snow. Snow! At night, floating down gently in the light triangle of a street lamp. The magic silence that fills the air, and the soft crunch as you walk through it. I'm sad for people who have never experienced that.

  4. HUGS Melissa. I hope your important decisions have everything to do with your happiness, and hopefully a whole bunch to do with your writing (and us reading your writing).

    I thought of you so many times yesterday because I wore purple tights. I meant to take a picture for your purple collection but forgot =( As far as shoes with pants... ankle boots? Or knee boots if you're unsure of how much purple to unleash on the world. And we need to see the picture you take for your purple collection.

  5. I have hugs and red wine to see you through this confusing time.

    Also as a purple pants owner, I wore mine with flats when we could and now I wear them with black booties.
    Or kneeboots.

  6. Purple is my power color. I own many things purple. It's the color of royalty, too. Depending on the top you plan on wearing, I would go for a bold color. Teal or pink shoes, sneakers or heels. Or you could go for a more subtle beige/tan boot.

    Work will always bring a certain amount of stress and dissatisfaction. I just keep my fingers crossed that the good parts out weigh the bad. If not, I need to rethink my situation. Or care less.

    We didn't get much snow here in Tullytown, PA, but there's white everywhere. It makes me happy. I love the snow! Keep your head up.

  7. Ugh, I'm so sorry! I hate those times when everything seems unsatisfying and horrible. Keep pushing through. And wear those purple pants often. :)

  8. I honor this space you are in, Melissa, and am here to say you are not alone in and with these feelings. I, too, have been feeling these things, and a lot of my friends too. It is comforting to know we are not alone... Thank you.

  9. So true, the unsatisfying feeling of daily drudge. I hope the purple pants put some spring in your step. Maybe with some tall boots. You could pass them around like the purple pants traveling sisterhood and we could all catalog our adventures in them! No? Well, cheer up,'s almost the weekend...?! Hope tomorrow is better.

  10. Sorry to weigh in so late on this important topic. I am both an expert on surviving a job, and accessorizing purple. 1) Always keep the best of yourself for your writing, not your job. But tell no one. 2) Gray.