Friday, June 8, 2012

Ten Years

It's been a restless, strange week. The kind of week where I just wanted to get my bearings and life came at me instead. I find myself knee deep in a bunch of work I took on before I left for Spain.  I am re-writing my novel and re-inhabiting a world I thought I'd left.  And it's summer.  When did that happen?  Hot, sticky days.  Late afternoon thunderstorms.  The fan is whirring and my tomatoes are epically thirsty.

It's reunion weekend at my alma mater, Cornell University.  I won't be there.  But my heart is caught.  It's been ten years since I graduated.  I'm trying to process that.  So much has happened in ten years.

I have no idea why...but I'm thinking of these stairs I used to take from Collegetown to West Campus, along the rushing waters of the Cascadilla gorge, past the law library, or was it Hughes?  I am desperate, suddenly, looking at online campus maps, trying to find the exact location of these stairs.  I had taken them so many times.  More than I can count. It's like I took a photograph that doesn't exist, of all of us, laughing, in the middle of the night, walking these stairs.  I could find them, without any effort, if I was there.  But placing it, arranging it next to one building or another...I can't.

So. Ten years.  Where were you ten years ago?  I was taking those stairs.  And now I'm here.


  1. Hmmmm, ten years ago I was 28 and had a three year old. My days were spent in toddler splendor (which was relentless and at the same time wonderful). Now, I am the mother of a 13 year old and an 8 year old and the toddlers are gone. I teach art to kids and I love it all...but I'm glad I had those toddler days too. :)

    Now, if you'd asked me where I was TEN years ago, the story would have been a lot more interesting...:D

    Great post!

  2. I was 27 and had two small children. And I was so tired. I was restless, wondering what MORE I was supposed to be doing with my life. I found it. I began to write :) And I had two more children. Life is good!

  3. Ten years ago was an interesting place. I was ending a difficult job but finding a job I loved. We were undergoing all sorts of infertility treatments and wondering if we would ever have kids. Wow, it's interesting to think about how different my life is now, and while there are some hardships I wouldn't want to go back. Thanks for asking the question!

  4. I took your question literally and pulled up my electronic journal :)

    My entry on June 8th talks about attending my little brother's kindergarten graduation the day before. I arrived late bc I stopped to buy a camera, I cheered way louder than was necessary, and I observed a parent that looked like Kid Rock (it wasn't).

    Ack, where does the time go? He's almost 16 now!

  5. Ten years ago, the elementary school building I teach in now was just opening. My youngest daughter was 2 and my older daughter was about to start kindergarten.

    I hadn't written anything in years.

    Now, the youngest daughter just graduated from my building as a sixth grader. (The older one is in high school.) I've had two books published (well, the SAME book TWICE, that is), and I'm anxiously awaiting the release of my second book while other manuscripts await consideration.

    A lot can happen in ten years. :D

  6. Hmmm... ten years ago. I was just done with my Sophomore year in high school and had a summer ahead of me and my own set of wheels for the first time ever. Man... those were the days :) haha

  7. 10 years ago, my life was pretty much the same as it is right now.


  8. So, are you in Spain???? If so, where???? Oliva Reader and I are here, so if you are near to Valencia or Alicante .... let us know!!! It would be great to meet!

    Or have we missed you??? I have been in Ireland, but now am back blogging.