Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Coney Island / Playing From Memory

He sat at the old upright, drenched in sun, on a too-warm January day, just below the Coney Island Museum.  The fractured story of a place hummed above him.  He played from memory, just as we did, running our fingers along the slide of banister, drumming the floorboards, peering into the coin-operated telescope of time.

Maybe I have an urge to play an instrument I can not fit in my apartment.  Maybe I wish I was not at work but on Coney Island's beaches or riding the rickety Cyclone.  I don't know. But I think of him today.


  1. Aw, how sweet! The only songs I can play on piano from memory are "Fur Elise" and "Deck the Halls." But this makes me want to be playing the piano right now!

  2. How lovely! I'd love to play the piano but like you, could never fit one in my flat.