Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's 11pm. Do You Know Where Your Tomatoes Are?

I just felt like I needed to capture the strangeness of my life as it existed moments ago. Emergency gardening. Indoors. At 11pm.

The tomato plant tumbled off of the fire escape in a storm.  Our downstairs neighbor kindly brought it up. There I sat, sprawled out in skirt and shoes, still dressed for work (WHY was I still dressed for work?), with a bag of soil spilling on the living room floor, clutching a shovel, desperately tying my drooping tomato stalks to a sturdy branch, all the while crying: But they have to be okay!  They have to make it!  

And though there are six more plants, (six more, Tyler groans) I can not bear the thought of these not making it.

You guys.

I don't know.

They came to me flopped and flattened with their roots sticking out.  I tried my best but they are looking shaken, disturbed.


  1. Oh no! Poor plants! I hope they make it!!! Yes, that sounds like a traumatic evening for them, poor things.

    (But I had to giggle a bit, too. Sorry.)

  2. Poor plant! But they're pretty resilient, esp at that size, I think it'll be okay :)

  3. plants are resilient. It will take a little time but it will recover if you care for it. Our middle of the night plant problems are when the opossums and other animals crawl up onto our deck to eat them.

  4. You might need to prune a few branches that took it hard just to give strength to the core of the plant. Otherwise, fresh soil, a light misting down and a few days of rest in the sun should do the trick.

    Hope your plant baby pulls through!