Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have mentioned before that each morning begins with Tyler watching The Golf Channel, tuning in to Morning Drive while I rush about in a frenzy because there is never enough time (because I do not leave enough time) to do all that needs to be done.

I sit on the bed, half-dressed, because I don't ever know what to wear, what clothes I even own, with a hair straightener in one hand, my phone in the other as I try to catch up on your blogs, a kindle book downloading in the background for the subway, through all this shouting to Tyler, is it raining?  Is it going to rain?  What's the temperature?  Checking my work calendar to see about meetings, wondering if I packed my gym clothes, still half dressed, still wondering, a sweater?  A tee-shirt?  A coat?   

Through it all, Golf Channel hums in the background, predictable in its format.  Host Eric pumps his fist  as he shouts: 'Yeah [insert day of week]'  Holly Saunders saunters in with her questions.  And the commercials are always the same.  Day after day.  David I. Pankin, the bankruptcy lawyer (Take control of your life and your finances.)  National Car Rental (There you go, business pro, there you go.)

This morning, I leapt out of the shower to engage in the mad ritual outlined above, and Tyler said to me, dead serious, "Hey. Do you want to turn your passion into a profession?"

Of course, I knew this commercial.  It's part of the block. 

"Yes.  Yes I do," I responded.

"Then Professional Golfer Career College is for you," he teased.

I laughed.  Because I have to laugh.  Because it's funny. Because turning your passion into a profession is what it's all about.  Because the Professional Golfer Career College is the place to do it.

As I rummaged through drawers for clothes I couldn't find, put one earring in, forgot the other, I thought about turning your passion into a profession.  I thought about writing, my forever passion.  I thought about all I've been thinking about in the past few months, few years, really, as I take a good look at my life, my career, and try to assess, make sense of where I am and where I'm going.  Because every day, I am pushing, racing forward, trying to get somewhere, anywhere.

And sometimes I forget.  That my passion is already my profession.  That despite the interruptions, the corporate madness, the blurred lines, I write for kids.  That every night, I come home and do more of what I love.  That there are hundreds of thousands of words on faded pages. That there are books in my head.  That no matter how long it takes, no matter how many people say 'no', I will keep going, writing towards something, anything.

I've been so crazy lately, so entirely out of my freaking mind (and I'm sorry, I'm really sorry to those of you who have been listening) I've forgotten that. 

So here is the question.  Is your passion your profession?  It's not about money.  It's not about a title or what you put on your business card.  It's a vocation.  A declaration.  A calling.


  1. Thanks for being so open, Melissa. Yes, my passion is my profession. Right now, I'm passionate about caring for my family and writing for kids. And I treat them both as a profession.

    Thank you for the reminder. :)

  2. It will be soon. It will never be about the money to me, but more about the readers.

  3. I'm slowly making my passion my profession. A copywriting job pulled me from unemployment and landed me on the path I've wanted since I was 11. I'm not nearly as stressed as I was in my old job. The lightness and energy I have everyday gives me the opportunity to do the things I love: laughing with my boyfriend, reading and writing mystery stories. I've accepted the fact that life is never going to be organized or linear, but I now know what is good and bad. I will never settle for bad ever again.

  4. Haha. Your day starts off crazy girl! I'm definitely more like Tyler during my mornings. :)

    And yes, writing is my profession. One of them at least. The one I'm currently not getting paid for.

    But hopefully someday we will ;) said on my blog you had to think about what you appreciated about yourself. I picked one for you :) You've got a very nice smile! And awesome sense of humor ;)

  5. Lately I really have been trying to make my writing more of my profession. Really dedicating the time and effort it takes to being successful, and not being shy/ashamed/scared to tell people that's what I do. It makes a difference, if only to me. And that makes me happy :)

  6. If you mean profession in the sense that my passion makes me a living - well, then not really.

    But if you profession in that I put my best effort into it, that it rewards me emotionally and makes me happy - well, then, definitely YES :)

    That’s a great question, Melissa. Thanks for asking it.

  7. Your passion comes through and I love it. Sadly, there are some people with all the talent, passion, smarts and resources yet they lack the discipline to keep their butt in the chair and get it done day after day. You'll get your book published. Yep.

  8. My passions are raising the very best child I can raise, supporting my husband in his career, supporting all of my former students in any way I can, encouraging my siblings, nieces and nephews in their lives and to write something that will be of value to someone other than myself...

  9. It's a vocation I'm afraid - not a profession, as I am officially retired - but it was always a vocation. It is really interesting to hear of your morning routine and not knowing what to wear as I am the same and call out to Mr. Aguja 'What should I wear? What's the weather going to be like? ...etc.' Also, the thousands of words at the top of the wardrobe, plus hundreds of poems. But, having managed, with Jamie my wonderful web designer, to have the first two books of my Violet Jelly Trilogy out, I can say that the money does not count ... it is the fact that they are out there and can be read. I have had a stroke of good fortune in that I am to be interviewed for radio ... but more of that nearer the time as I shall put in a link so that it can go world wide one big chance!!! Soooo .... let your passion continue and it will bear fruit, eventually, and bring you much joy, Melissa!

  10. My passions and professions are the same but I don't always realize how blessed I am. My passions right now are: family, blog, and art.
    Catherine Denton