Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Seed

I have wanted a garden but circumstances have made that difficult.  Real estate in New York City is tricky and with each decision, sacrifices must be made.  With a garden came a small kitchen, no office, but a short walk to the train.  With an office (i.e. a place to write), came a larger kitchen, a longer walk, no outdoor space.

So the mind navigates these twists and turns and, somehow, we end up with a place, a home.

I have found ways to grow the things I don't actually know how to grow.  On the sun-soaked sill, on the shaky fire escape. This year, I thought, I'll try something.  Tomatoes from seed and if I fail, I fail.

Look. They've germinated.  Now I wait for true leaves.  The plant beside it grows wild. And I learn something new.



  1. Yay! I grew up on a farm, but this year is the first time I'm attempting my own garden. If I get even one pea or green bean, I'll be thrilled. Good luck with your 'maters :)

  2. I have the opposite of a green thumb. Which saddens my parents since the have uber green thumbs. It is cool that you found a way to have a little garden in your place. ;0)

  3. I just started mine too and seriously, every time they come up, I think it's such a miracle! They will grow. Nice work. Can't wait to see your pics of progress.

  4. Good for you! Keep us posted on their progress :)

  5. That's lovely! I'm in the same boat - apartment living combined with a strong desire to leave for long weekends means that a garden is not in my future. p.s. I like your sand dollar. :)