Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Sort of End

It always seems I finish writing drafts too late into the night. There is never anyone to tell.

I would never wake up Tyler.

And even though a strange part of me wants to knock on the door to the apartment downstairs, wake up five year old Leo, who is always shouting, 'Melissa! Melissa! Guess what!' with my own, 'Leo! Leo! You'll never believe it!'...I won't.

So I share it here.


[knock knock] You'll never believe it! I finished another draft of my silly novel!

No doubt there are rips and tears but not the gaping blackholes I left last time around.

And even though I'll read through it one more time. Even though I'll make some more changes. Even though I'll send it off into the world and everyone will tell me all I did wrong, I feel that there are a few things, very few, I've done right. And that makes me happy.


  1. I thought this same thing a few nights ago! I cut half my WIP for a major rewrite and I felt so liberated, I wanted to tell *someone* I wouldn't even have cared if it was a stranger walking down the street drunk at one in the morning.

    Congrats on finishing up your draft!!!

  2. I await it all with an open heart.

    And you can always tell me.



  3. Congrats! That's such an awesome feeling!