Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Kind of 'End'

Somehow, in the midst of this heat that won't break, after climbing hills of resistance in spin class because there is no way to bike in this wet blanket weather and stuffing myself with spicy gazpacho which seems to be the only thing we can eat in this summer fire, I finished the first draft of my WIP.

Of course, it needs work. This is only the beginning. But, somehow, there are 72,000 words and I don't know where they came from. I just feel grateful they are there. And I feel like it is some kind of end, even if it is not quite the end.

Since Tyler is sound asleep and I don't think the people in our little brownstone building would appreciate me banging on their doors to tell them the news, you, my friends, are the first to know.

And now I sleep.


  1. Congratulations! Now the hard slog of editing can began....sorry to put a dampener on your celebrations! You should feel proud that you have made it to the end of getting your story down on paper (or computer). It's great that you have chosen us to be the first to heard your news.

  2. Brilliant! I shout out to the garden and the sky - Melissa has done it!! Thank you for considering us to be the first to know. What exhilaration!!


  3. Hoooray! Woohoo! Congratulations!

  4. Way to go girl! Even if it's not "THE" end, it's still a major accomplishment. I'm happy for you!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am thrilled for you, my friend! Are you going to start editing right away or take a breather before you start? At least do something nice for yourself to celebrate, and stay cool in that heat! :)