Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Which I say "Heck Yes, I Want To Write the Next Twilight"

I was reading a clever blog post the other day that listed the funny/irritating/inspiring things people say when you tell them you're a writer (I can't, for the life of me, find the link) and one of them was that people always ask: "Oh, you're a writer, so you want to be the next Stephanie Meyers?"

It goes without saying that I read a lot of blogs. And this is not the first time I've read something like that. I'd say, I've read that in a blog post over a dozen times. I've experienced it in my own life. "I'm working on a young adult novel," I say. "Oh, like Twilight?" They ask.

It should come as no surprise that people ask this, given the success of the series. But what I'm more interested in is the reaction. After people relay this encounter of being asked whether they want to be the next Stephanie Meyers or write the next Twilight, they're usually offended or annoyed.

Am I the only one who isn't?

I've only read the first of the Twilight books. I had a good time with it, truly enjoyed the read-- I just didn't care to move on to the rest of the books. They are what they are. I didn't go into the read thinking I was going to find the next "To Kill A Mockingbird" for goodness sakes. The critics have spoken, the masses have spoken, so I don't have anything to add to the conversation and I don't have any strong feelings about the books. In my mind, the craze is over, or maybe I was just never a part of the craze to begin with.

But, this visceral reaction to being asked if you're going to write the next Twilight, all angsty, angry, and roll-your-eyes-y, I don't understand it.

When someone asks me if I'm going to write the next Twilight, I cross my fingers and say: "GOD I HOPE SO!"

I mean...seriously! Why the hate people?


  1. If people thought that I'm only writing to produce the next 'Twilight' I'd say that I'm not. However I wouldn't feel offended by a comment about whether or not I was writing to be the next Stephenie Meyer.She has been really successful with the 'Twilight Saga' and no matter what you think of it, I'm sure every writer would like some of the recognition that Stephenie Meyer has received (the money is a bonus too).

    As for my writing, I wouldn't want to be like other authors. I want my work to me MINE, not a carbon copy of other books on the market.

  2. I'm not going to chime in on the "hate" because I've never read Twilight, it's just not my thing so I'm not judging it, just passing on it. BUT I know what post you mean! Or at least one of them that has mentioned it:

  3. That's a good point, Melissa! I have to admit I don't like it when people compare me to Stephanie Meyer and it's probably my self-indulgent pride that hopes I write better. But that's a ridiculous reason. Or perhaps so many writers (like me, sadly) just want to be individual. We want people to know we are unique with a different style of story.

    Either way you are right--we should be hopeful to be like her--she's not rich now for nothin'. :o)

    Have a great day!

  4. I wonder how much of the hate is jealousy. I can't imagine a writer who wouldn't want that kind of success. I don't read or write that genre. I tried reading Twilight and couldn't get through it. But I don't begrudge her her success. I like your attitude, Melissa.

  5. i so prefer your reaction. i actually loved those twilight books, so whatever.

    let me tell you something that is a little offensive tho. when i tell people i'm a singer and play the guitar several--in fact many--people have said, "oh, like phoebe on FRIENDS". um, no. not like that.

  6. oh weird. that photo by my name isn't me. and i don't know who it is?! freaky.

  7. I totally agree! I loved her books and I'm excited to see her being successful. I've read lots of posts bad talking Bella as a weak whiny character. I'd like to write a story that had a character that drove people to buy my stories...

  8. I have not read the Twilight books, but if someone can write and capture the imagination and attention of their readers ... well done! I say; everyone has differing tastes.

    The reaction I usually get is 'oh' and a sort of looking away or change of subject. I usually do not tell anyone. ... if anyone wants to see what I write.

    And, Meissa, thank you for your continuing comments on my posts - I do so appreciate them - and the plant answer comes up on Saturday.

  9. I wouldn't be offended either. I'd love to have as much success as Stephenie has. That means you'll get lovers AND haters, yeah, but it also means you can keep writing and publishing and doing what you love...rightt??? As for the series in general, I actually read and enjoyed them all. They aren't the best books out there but they were enjoyable and I'll still see all the movies. :)

  10. There's an audience for the romantic genre.