Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where I'm At

It seems like lately I've been telling random stories on this blog and haven't really delved into the heart of things. Ya know, this 'writer's journey'...

But it occurred to me that some of you may be curious.

I was at a local restaurant when there was a very strange incident. We were sitting down to dinner and something came hurling through the open window. Tyler was whacked square in the back by a full Poland Spring water bottle. He was not hurt in any way. But as soon as it happened, two people in the restaurant took off running after the kids who had thrown it. One of them returned, out of breath, and said he couldn't catch them. The other guy, the waiter, came back, called the police, and offered Tyler a free glass of wine. The whole thing was utterly ridiculous.

Why am I telling you this story?

This incident led me to my current work in progress. Working title: Here Now. The main character came to me after the incident. And the story has absolutely nothing to do with getting hit by a water bottle in a restaurant. It just alerted me that things can happen in an instant. And they can be over so quickly, it's like they never happened in the first place. And therein lies a story.

So that's where I am at.

If you're working on a creative project, what are you working on? What inspired the idea?

If not, I don't want you to feel left out. Can you answer me something? If you could only eat one kind of cheese for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sharp white cheddar for me.


  1. Pepperjack. I love pepperjack cheese.

    The writing project I'm working on now...It's about fame and unrequited love, about keeping a relationship together when the past and present are both working to break it apart. It came from two different ideas I had, one all the way back when I was 16-ish, inspired by my own experiences, the other when I was 23, which came from a single sentence a friend said to me. It just struck me last year, at 29, that I could combine the two and make one whole story. :) I love hearing where others' ideas come from!

  2. Sounds good. Love to hear how ideas start. Supposedly, I'm still working on this YA I was excited about a month ago and am NOW not, but I think it's just because I got to 38K and realized I had to go back and make MORE happen in the beginning. Sigh.

  3. I'm supposed to be working on two things at the moment. One is a book for young adults, that has so far taken 5 years to write, but is still very far away from getting finished. Another thing I've been doing is a short story (well that's how I envisage it, but it'll probably end up up being a full novel by the end) which is sort of horror based.

    I get my ideas from the strangest places, whether it be something that it said in conversation, to something I see everyday. My short story was actually inspired by this very weird dream I had. It really interesting how the brain can be triggered by even the most mundane things.

  4. Oh wow! I'm so excited that you all told me about your projects.

    Stephanie-- I love it when you have that epiphany moment where two exciting ideas become one. I'd love to know what that sentence was!

    Lori-- 38K! That's incredible. I am so impressed. It stinks knowing you have work to do upfront though. I hope you are able to push through it. 38K is nothing sneeze at. I'm so impressed.

    Spangle-- It takes me a long time to write as well. I'm always amazed when I hear people putting out first drafts in a month. It blows my mind. I'm curious about your dream... :-)

  5. i love your offering of two questions so all readers could participate! :)

    smoked gouda is my cheese-