Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have a few things to confess today:

1. Lately, I can't write more than 5oo words a sitting and, even that, is slowly killing me.

2. I had ice cream for lunch on Saturday. Yup. Just ice cream.

3. When my bicycle tire popped once, two male cyclists stopped to help. Even though they called me a 'damsel in distress' and made some other quips about my inability to change a bicycle tire due to my gender, I gritted my teeth, batted my eyelashes and let them do it.

4. I don't actually know how to change a bicycle tire.

5. I really hate answering the phone. If you called me right now, I probably wouldn't pick it up. So don't try.

6. I get really angry about people's insane use of plastic bags. Did you get a plastic bag at all today? If so, I judge you.

7. Still, I use at least 100 paper towels in a 24 hour period.

8. I check my e-mail about every 30 sec. to see the fate of my stupid writing.

9. My writing is 'stupid' 50% of time. And a 'heartbreaking work of staggering genius' 50% of the time.

10. When I do get an e-mail, 100% of the time it is Delta airlines telling me a way to get new miles.

What are your confessions for today?


  1. Ooh, I have to respond! :D I get plastic bags, BUT...I use them to dump the scoopings of the cat box. A necessary evil, and every plastic bag without holes is saved and used for this purpose. So at least I'm recycling in a fashion, right? When I'm going to places like Aldi's and Trader Joe's, I bring my own cloth bags. I have plenty of them, I swear! However, I don't really use paper towels except for the really nasty bits of cat vomit that I just can't scoop up with a towel. I have a ton of nasty cloths for around the house wiping use. :)

    I also hate the phone. HATE HATE HATE it. Hate answering it, hate talking on it, HATE calling people. I've always had crazy mad phone anxiety.

    And I'm back and forth with the writing like you. I haven't started querying yet (too busy trying to unpack from our move right now- well, not RIGHT now. RIGHT now, I'm trying to rest my aching back while dinner cooks), but half the time, I'm all, "You know, this thing I wrote is actually pretty good..." and the other half, I'm all, "WTF was I thinking? SERIOUSLY? This is going to have every agent rolling on their office floor and posting to each other in a gleeful fit on whatever super secret online agent forum they congregate at!" It's rough. I understand.

  2. 1. i believe ice cream is a meal.
    2. i often go three weeks without shaving my legs.
    3. in the summer.
    4. i write all to-do lists on paper. i know i should save the trees and do it electronically, but i need to physically cross things out.
    5. i got a speeding ticket this year.
    6. and i still speed.
    7. i sometimes don't brush my hair before going to work.
    8. i think my hair looks better when i don't brush it.
    9. one time i forgot to pack underwear on a trip and had to wear my husband's boxer briefs under my jeans.

  3. i hate answering the phone, and just talking on it in general. texting and email make me much happier.

    i don't like to drive. but i love to be the passenger when my husband is driving.

    i check my email far too often also!

    i take naps often.

    i take about a one hour bath every night. and if i'm having a hard day, i take at least one other... if i'm sick, i've had up to about 6 baths a in one day.

    i like beginnings more than middles.

    i love thunderstorms. to the point that my sister told me if i ever die in a tornado she won't be sad b/c she'll know i died happy.

  4. 5. Me too.
    6. I judge too.
    7. Mmhm. I cannot quit paper towels.
    8. I check my email obsessively...just 'cause.