Monday, July 19, 2010

A show, a song, a suitcase...

This past weekend I went to see Mat Kearney and Tyler Burkum play at a small venue in Manhattan. The two friends packed up a van and went on the road together. Just two guitars and sometimes an old suitcase that they would pull on stage to use as a drum. It was certainly one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Pure music to listen to with your friends while you drink a beer. I listen to Mat Kearney a lot on my ipod, but while listening to him live I made a lovely discovery. His song, Chicago is most certainly the soundtrack to my novel Spared. As I listened to it, I had grand plans of calling up Mat Kearney and asking him to go on tour with me while he played and I sold my book out of the trunk of a car. Maybe out of the suitcase he uses as a drum! Then I realized I don't yet have a book. But either way, I have a song that goes with my book. So take a listen!


  1. Lovely song! As a soundtrack, it's awesome! I'll bet that sounded fabulous live. Isn't it great when you hear that perfect song and it encompasses the feel of your book?

  2. This song really made me want to read your book. Very cool.