Sunday, July 11, 2010


In daylight, Prospect Park is full of life. Smoke rises from barbecue grills. I always hear laughter and the music of drums. I am often pedalling on my bike and the sun can barely sneak through all the trees to light the way. There are long meadows of green, covered with picnic blankets and bare feet.

On Saturday night, I took a moonlight bike ride through this familiar place. And it became strange. New. I should have expected that this life continues even in the darkness. But I didn't know.

A bride and groom danced on the steps.

It was the perfect night for a midnight swim.

Even a waterfall I never knew existed, barely visible in the darkness, snuck down into the earth below us.

I've always been told that I live in a city that never sleeps. But it always surprises me to learn that truly never does...

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  1. Very nice, Melissa! Looking at something familiar a new way is always enlightening. :)