Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sorry Jane

By posting this, I'm pretty sure I've just jinxed myself. But it seems there's no point in living if you can't tempt fate.

Last night I had a dream that an agent I met at a conference sent a package to my home with a post-it that said: "Secret for you. Meet me at the shop." I was very confused about who the sender might be, where the shop might be and what the secret might be. Fortunately, there was a follow-up phone call that clarified things.

"I'm looking for Jane Merkin," the strange voice spoke urgently.
"Jane Merkin? I don't know who she is."
"I need her to meet me at the shop."
"You have the wrong place. I don't know who she is."
"You can't find her?"
"Well, then...give me a call. We need to talk futher."

I find it pretty hilarious that I hung up the phone and immediately called back to speak to the very same person. I was offered representation from the agent since Jane Merkin was not available.

Sorry Jane! Right place, right time...


  1. ". . . since Jane Merkin was not available" I'll rep. YOU! Love it. I'm still hoping your agent dreams -- the ones you have in the daytime -- come true!

  2. i'm not very good at remembering the details of my dreams. pretty funny tho when you can, aren't they?

  3. Ahaha!! Jane's too slow.

    Have you had other dreams about agents, getting published, writing, etc?