Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After I completed Spared, I planned to launch into writing a novel about a fifteen year old girl. Her name is Adelaine Cross and I really love, love her name. For a long time, I was excited to tell her story. But, as soon as it came time to actually do it, I hesitated. I froze. I am not quite sure what held me back from telling it but it seems I am not quite ready.

It left me confused. There I sat, free from Spared, free to tell any story I chose and I told nothing. I worked all day and when I came home...I did a lot of biking. I read a lot of books. I watched a lot of television. I ate a lot of food. I read a lot of blogs. But I did not write.

Today, I told myself that this is not acceptable, so I sat down again, to tell Adelaine Cross' story and, again, I could not.

It seems, instead, that there are two houses sitting side by side against the ocean. A pair of siblings in each. And boy do they have a story to tell. I sit and listen and know that Adelaine Cross will have to wait...


  1. Sometimes that how it happens...You have to write what comes to you, when it comes to you. :)

  2. Spared is a great title. I think it's wonderful that a story came to you for the new book. That's the best. Have fun.