Monday, May 24, 2010

And A Bijon Frise

Since getting this crazy idea in my head that I'm going to publish a book, there are three pages in every book that I pay close attention to:

The Dedication page.

The Acknowledgements page.

And the Author Bio.

Whenever I read these pages, it grounds me. It tells me that publishing a book actually happens to people. Real people. Who write. They like to dedicate their books to Moms, Dads, and true loves. And they have editors, agents, publishers, friends, and other mysterious strangers they like to acknowledge.

But, when it comes to the Author Bio, I'm always a little bit underwhelmed (a word I would like to mock myself for using. What exactly does it mean to be whelmed?) It most often states that the author lives somewhere and proceeds to list all of the mammals in their home. Sally Tutu lives in Denver with her husband, daughter, and a German Shepherd.

It all seems far too normal. I think it would be funny if people really peeled back the veil on that one. Sally Tutu lives with a husband too self-involved to attend her book signings, a daughter from a previous marriage who resents her, and a Bijon Frise who once took a dump on her bed pillow.

Photo Credit: Arou


  1. You are so funny! I'd be like...I'm a retired elemetary teacher who loved books more than she loved teaching....(Yep, I'll conform if it means I have a book on the shelves somewhere.)

  2. Haha! Love it! I must tell you- I find that children's book authors have much more interesting bios than authors of adult fiction.

  3. Your last line made me spit out my coffee. Love it! May you get the chance to write such a fun bio page someday!