Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hack It Up Baby

Turns out my Gmail account was 'compromised' a few hours ago. To all of you that may have received an e-mail from me this morning, please ignore the odd links and porn and pharmaceutical advertisements in them. I apologize for the hackers.

What is perhaps most embarrassing is that an e-mail was sent out to everyone I have ever
e-mailed in my entire life. It's not entirely relevant to this blog, but if you put the pieces together, you might see why this comes at an extremely awkward time.

I might have mentioned that my manuscript was completed over the weekend. I might have mentioned that the next step involved querying agents. Believe it or not, this involved e-mailing them.

That is all I will say. Now, I am just going to hang my head in shame.


  1. ugh that is horrible. That is going on my list of things i never want to happen to me.
    On the plus side, i'm sure their spam filters will catch everything and they'll never see it

  2. Thanks Falen! Guess what?? I can provide a solution so this doesn't happen to you. Apparently you just need to change your e-mail password and security question on a regular basis to avoid hackers. Might be a good thing to do before you query!

  3. Oh no!!! That is crappy crappy timing. I'm sure the agents will understand and hopefully most of the e-mails were filtered by their spam filter.

    And thanks for the tip about changing our passwords. This is SO scary!

  4. So sorry. That's terrible. But, you e-mailed me once, and if I was still in your book, my spam filter caught it. I never got anything crazy, so let's hope Lisa and Laura are right. Off to change that password myself now.