Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Revision Day 1

Ok, so I forgot that yesterday was our office holiday party and, therefore, I did not begin my edit as planned. I begin today, after spin class.

Despite my minor freak-out session on Monday, I do have a revision plan and one I think might actually work for me.

I am going to read the darn thing from start to finish, making notes as I go. I am going to break down my draft into scenes and, because I enjoy speaking back and forth to my 3rd person self, I am going to ask questions:

1. Why does this scene belong in the book?
2. What is it trying to accomplish?
3. Does it accomplish it?

Every time I introduce a character, I am going to make sure this character lives up to the Owen Meany First Sentence.

Once I finish all of this, I hope to have a better idea of the arc of the story and how to make it work better.

Then I shall prepare a list of To Do's. There will be many, that I can assure you.

I'm rather excited about this whole 'revision' thing. How different it is from sitting down to a very white, very blank first page.

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