Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In which I learn my numbers but let other logic slide...

I would like to tell you a few things today. I've numbered them. So at least you know I can count.

1. I wore suede black boots in the rain this morning.

2. Yes. They were suede. Yes. It was raining.

3. I am wearing fluorescent, striped rain boots in the office.

4. I also wore them for an hour long presentation to the VP of Design.

5. Let me re-iterate. Not only are they shockingly fluorescent. Just to add insult to injury: they are also striped.

6. I used a broken $5 umbrella from Filene's Basement on my 10 min. walk to the subway this morning.

7. Tyler's sturdy, massive, golf umbrella sits dryly in a corner.

8. There is a good explanation for all of this but I'm still deeming the whole situation ridiculous.

9. You can too. I won't judge.

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