Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plot, plot. Plot's the problem.

I only have nine more scenes to write in my novel before I begin the dreaded edit.

I quietly and neatly outlined these scenes by hand, sitting at my little desk. I know where they all take place. I know which characters are in them. And I know what I need to accomplish. There are emotional beats that need to happen. There are revelations that need to be had. Issues that need to be resolved. And relationships that need to work themselves out. I outlined all of this in red pen in a nice, happy little notebook.

Thing is...I don't actually know what happens.

Beyond the climax of my story, one strange scene I've been very excited to write, and the last scene of the book, I've got 6 other scenes to write in which there is, quite simply, no plot.

It turns out my neat little outlines are vague notions of how my characters are developing internally, rather than what is actually, physically happening to them.

So, I've got a lot of brainstorming to do. Mainly, how to translate emotional beats into physical action. What has to happen to show jealousy? What has to happen to show personal growth? To show betrayal?

I can't believe that 6 things actually have to happen! How'd that work out? ;-)

And I'd love to know how a person gets to this point without having even the faintest notion. Oh lawsie me... Plot's the problem.


  1. Nine scenes left. That's great! I'm just starting a new one. I only have one complete chapter and lots of notes....need it to snow, so I don't have to go outside...

  2. Haha-- I know...that bad weather really helps things, doesn't it? Good luck with your new piece :-) Very exciting.

  3. I tired to talk my husband into getting me a housekeeper today, so I could have more writing time...he said I need to get more sleep. Then I'll have more time to clean and write. UGH!