Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Fury and Starting to Write Again

The days are hot here in New York and I haven't been blogging as much as I would like. I lost my camera early in July and began to realize how many of my posts come from what I see and how that makes me feel.

I've taken, perhaps, the longest writing break I've taken in a while. From the moment I finished the revisions to RABBIT ISLAND back in the first days of June, to today, I've written vritually nothing. Some journals. Some thoughts in this internet space.  I fooled around with a short story and decided to send it off into the wild to see if someone out there will publish it somewhere out there but, beyond that, I have been free of characters and plot for a long while.

I don't quite know how I feel about that. I've been dreaming a new novel for many moons and it, finally, feels like the right time to find the words for it. To think that I haven't worked on a new project with new characters and new story threads since before my wedding, over a year ago, my breath and heart quicken, wondering, what will it feel like to start again? To lean over the page and let my hair fall over the swirling s's and crossed t's of my thoughts.

I don't know.

As I originally thought of what to post here I could only think of the heat, the crowds in the subways, the way we're trapped in between buildings in this ferocious July.  This has been the fury of the sun each day from my iPhone. #NoFilter. As they say.

I leave for Ireland soon. A much needed escape.

I hope your summers are full of happy surprises. Or lazy sameness. Both great in their own ways.


  1. Starting a new story is so intimidating, Melissa. You constantly wonder, "Can I do this again?" And the answer is, "Yes, you can."

    Write on.

  2. I think it's good to take a break in between stories; get lots of reading and relaxing done, and it'll be all the better for your new book. (I once asked Sharon Creech what her book writing schedule was like, and she said she wrote during the school year and dreamed during the summer!)

  3. I'm definitely in the lazy sameness camp. ;-) I haven't been taking any pictures or writing—giving me more time for idleness and boredom with the kids home for summer. The oppressive heat keeps me inside, but I'm reading lots and lots and watching all the Friends reruns with my daughter.

    I can only imagine your trip to Ireland will help revive your creativity for new fiction... lucky girl! Hope your time there is wonderful. XO

    p.s. I also hope you either find your camera, or are able to get a new one! I love your big sky picture in this post!

  4. Oh! Oh! We have just returned from Ireland. Where are you headed??
    I am so enjoying being back and catching up on your postal thoughts.

    Your holiday will bring inspiration.

  5. Enjoy your trip to Ireland!

    I am feeling lost and restless myself. You know I've got one project almost ready to submit, and I'm worrying about the next one in the series -- and wondering if I should play around with another project in between.

    I hate to waste a single day of my summer vacation NOT writing, but I was actually very happy yesterday reading an enjoyable book and *supposedly* not writing -- even though every couple hours I picked up my laptop and added details to what's passing as an outline for the next book.

    So, perhaps the trick is to keep reading, let the subconscious planning simmer in the background, and not worry about writing anything beyond blog posts in the meantime!

  6. I love who I am when I am on vacation. This trip to Ireland seems well timed for you. Safe travels!

  7. ahh! have a great trip. and i look forward to reading about it! :) always love your posts, melissa!

  8. Your comment about writing around photos really resonated with me. It's easy to fall back on that, isn't it?

    Have a fabulous time in Ireland and I hope that you're able to write some while there. :)

  9. I think it is hard to be structured during the summer. I expect you'll come back from Ireland full of energy and enthusiasm.