Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Brother's Day

My friend, filmmaker and writer, Jennifer Treuting and her production company, Squirrel Friends, just released this amazing, heart-warming, short documentary about a group of brothers who created their own holiday. It left a huge smile on my face.

I really wanted to share it because a lot of us are out there creating things for all kinds of media and audiences and Jen is one of the most inspiring people I know -- completely committed to making awesome content for kids (and adults). Every time I meet up with Jen and our friend Jessica, we talk about all the stories we've got brewing, how we're slogging through the process, and how we're trying to get our work out there.  I leave our get-togethers feeling happy with the simple fact that we're doing what we love.

We're makin' stuff.

This documentary, which premiered at The Nickel Independent Film Festival, is an example of how fine that 'stuff' is. Check it out.  (And click on through to the links to see more of Jen's work which is truly awesome.)


  1. I love being able to share what I do with creative friends! You're right, there's nothing like that feeling of rightness and satisfaction after a get-together with like-minded people.
    I'll have to watch the video when I don't have a toddler nearby to keep asleep, but it sounds great. Makes me want to start a Sisters' Day for my girls. :)

  2. Oh, I loved the Brother's Day video!

  3. that is the sweetest group of boys!!! i loved when the oldest boy compared "brother's day" to thanksgiving. super sweet. LOVED that. i wish i had kids when i see stuff like that!

  4. Melissa, thanks so much for such a super-sweet & thoughtful post. I love all of our post-work meet-ups! Just like you, I always leave feeling even more inspired & motivated.

    So glad everyone's digging Brother's Day! If anyone knows of other interesting kids who are doing their own unique thing, or have an interesting story to tell, Kristen (my co-producer) and I are all ears! We'd love to make more documentaries about awesome kids doing what they love.