Sunday, February 24, 2013

Twelve Little Girls In Two Straight Lines

New York City is beautiful for so many reasons. This being one of them. A bar of original paintings by Ludwig Bemelmans, the writer and illustrator of Madeline, my favorite children's book of all time.  The murals circle the entire place, every inch of wall, every candle lamp. 

I spent $21 on one cocktail. I didn't care. It's too special of a place to care.

(I'm only sorry the photos are so blurred) 



  1. Madeline was a favorite of both my kids, so the minute I saw your title I was filled with instant nostalgia and warm fuzzy memories of reading it to them. What a great idea for the walls. It's amazing how viewing the art of a beloved picture book can serve as instant time-travel.

    SO worth the $21 for the experience!

  2. So, the original artist painted the murals?
    What a beautiful theme!

    I know the atmosphere was worth it, but hope it was a really good cocktail, too. :D

  3. That is pretty cool!
    I love NYC, but (partly because I have to drive an hour and a half to get there) I often feel overwhelmed once I'm there. I go to the Met over and over, but I haven't seen a millionth of what the city has to offer. Maybe next time I'll have to ask you for some recommendations first! :)

  4. How delightful! I don't drink, but for $21 and a diet coke, I would go.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love those books so much! Read them over and over to my girls. My eldest wanted to have her appendix out so she could have a scar like Madeline. :) I looks like a magical place indeed!