Monday, February 4, 2013

This Month

This month, my novel is in trusted hands. I have a new novel on a slow, long simmer. I'm excited about it (so excited) but it needs time to breathe. So I've decided to write with more freedom and experimentation. I want to try new things.

This month, I thought, I'll write for me and only me.  I'll imagine a story the way I have to imagine it.  Which is: each frame, the flicker of moving film.  I'll hear the story the way I need to hear it.  Which is: each line, the measure of a song.

In a way, I've always written to music and pictures.  I imagine a scene in my mind first, then feel the rhythm of the words. And all the revision (so. much. revision) is working towards that original moving, breathing, melody.

I'm starting a new project.  For me and only me (as someone who spends hours a day writing for a whining corporate giant, I feel I must reiterate this.)  There are new ways to experience story, to physically interact with it.  And I've got ideas.

What are you working on this month?  


  1. Your idea sounds good to me. I am rewriting an old manuscript. I deleted ALL previous versions in order to start fresh and not "borrow" any sentences, paragraphs, or chapters from the old. I will write it for me. I have already written it for everyone else (and they didn't like it--LOL).

  2. I'm plugging away on a WIP I'm rewriting. There are scenes that end too abruptly and rambling, pointless passages, but I'm fighting the urge to edit as I go and just trying to get the draft completely down.

  3. Yay for writing for you! Sounds like you're going to have a productive and satisfying month.

  4. Yea! Glad your novel is in trusted hands...that is exciting. I'm on a personal deadline to finish (once again) my first novel that was shelved for over a year. I've got to give it one more go and send out another round of queries. And then I can feel happy I really did do everything I could think of!